Friday, November 14, 2014

Irene's Garden Part III

We start with whimsy the first thing in this post and I know a lot of you all love whimsy! This bowling ball 'caterpillar' is a lot of fun. The bowling balls for this garden caterpillar actually came from my garden. Irene posted on that she desired some bowling balls and since I am cleaning my garden up I told her she could have mine. Have you ever participated in a Yahoo email group? That is what Freecycle does. Freecyle is actually a email group of local people who are interested in keeping things out of the dump while sharing with others. So, for instance you happen to have a lot of extra bowling balls or irises and someone needs some you can send an email to the group and offer your extras and the person who may need them will respond. It is then up to you to set a place and time to transfer the items. This needs to be done with common sense as meeting strangers can be a not so good experience. Fortunately, I've been very lucky in many of my dealings with Freecycle members. This is actually how I initially met Irene and her husband. They responded to an email I sent giving away irises. I am betting those irises are still growing well in Irene's garden. You just never know who you might meet on Freecycle as I've met a lot of people who have the same interests as me. Oftentimes we become good friends as in the case of Irene and I.
Here is the other side of Irene's foundation garden. Don't you love the curved sidewalk? We had curved sidewalks poured at our new house too. I don't know why more people don't do the curved sidewalks as they make getting to the front door easier than walking along all those right angles. As a bonus, your garden will be less formal with curves versus straight angles.
More of the foundation beds.
Here we have evergreens mixed with deciduous plants. Even when the 'Red Rooster' is bare of leaves the spent seedpods provide winter interest. I love the variety here and am a stern believer that foundation gardens need not be all evergreen boxwoods. I will soon be posting some pictures of my new foundation beds at Tiger Way Gardens. 
This butterfly garden out in the field was really lovely. Irene had taken old tires and painted them bright colors with her grandson, and then filled the tires with soil and planted plants. Mainly drought tolerant plants and plants that need good drainage or need to be contained. This garden was a hot, hot garden; which is good for butterflies.
Now here is the big greenhouses a thing of beauty and what most of us would love to have in our gardens-me included!
An ornamental garden looking toward the raised vegetable beds.
'Henry Eiler' coneflowers were stunning on this hot August day.
Lastly, I leave you with a long shot from the driveway. This is indeed a country garden with lots of great vistas and nice diverse plant material....

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Irene's Garden Part II

Continuing our garden tour of Irene's garden we find another border garden filled with attractive shrubs and a Japanese style concrete lantern. I really like Irene's ability to combine different styles of gardening successfully. Irene is an expert at combining formal and informal areas, as well as cottagey type gardening and English style gardening. Each plant has its space and plays well with its neighbors. This is also a lesson I need to learn-leave enough space!
More textures and a combination of evergreen and deciduous shrubs and grasses.
A rock garden where some more drought tolerant plants grow. Most all of the paths through Irene's large garden are grass.
A long view.
Another sign paying homage to Puerto Rico. Irene's husband does help her out in the garden to a certain extent so she makes sure he has some areas of his own.
Irene's property is very large and as such she has filled it up with gardens but has also managed to keep views of the surrounding country. Right behind this garden is a small driveway and on the other side of that is a large fenced in pond that contains a bunch of ducks and waterfowl that belong to her neighbor. Irene enjoys the view from the upper story of her home. Here, I took the picture from ground level.
Obedient plant was blooming its heart out. It was quite a sight on a hot and dry August day.
A vintage patio set is placed conveniently in the garden.
Vegetable gardening is important to Irene. Most of her beds are raised up by concrete blocks mortared together. In Tennessee, raised beds are really the only way to go. Note the PVC framework for some heavy plastic in order to extend the growing season. The PVC frame makes it a cinch to drape heavy plastic over the bed in order to grow cool weather vegetables during the winter months.
I leave you with one last picture of the front foundation garden of Irene's home. Again, textures combine with color and the area is quite interesting to look at. I think the red is perfect against the stone on the house. With my new house where the house is all brick, I am having difficulty getting good plants to show up well without clashing with the dark brick. I have pretty much figured out white blooming plants or lighter blooming plants such as pinks, will be my go to colors for my house foundation gardens. 

When we come back on Friday I'll showcase some more of Irene's foundation beds and a few more garden tour pictures....

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