Friday, October 17, 2014

Skeeter's Garden Part II

Back to Skeeter's garden today. How cute are these ducks? They have a history. On one of Skeeter's visits to Clarksville we visited Miss Lucille's and Skeeter found the ducks. Good thing she bought them or they might be in my garden.
This long view down to the woods was so inviting. The grass was perfectly maintained and the paths made it easy to get around. I loved this aspect of the garden! Not knowing where the path leads also adds a little mystery to the trip.
This shots points toward the patio area and storage shed. Loved that coleus tucked in the garden. It made a great focal point.
A further view of the same garden shows how the entire area comes together. There is a stone path to the patio area and storage shed.
Skeeter's gardens are very diverse and contain a lot of plants and flowers. The different textures under foot really set them off well.
This view here has to be one of my favorites. The textures of the angel trumpet, bald cypress, grasses, and plants all join to form a pleasing sight. The swing tucked up into one of the gardens is perfectly sighted. 

Thanks for having me Skeeter and I loved your gardens. I am finally glad I was able to see them in all their glory. I must make plans to come visit in the spring as I bet they are totally different. You are quite the gardener! So glad you blog with me....

in the garden....
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Skeeter's Garden Part I

You all are in for a special treat today! Today you get to see Skeeter's garden through my eyes. And what a sight! I have visited Skeeter and the Saint's house on numerous occasions in the past but somehow I have never made it there during prime gardening season. This year was the year! Skeeter had invited to down to her Georgia home to attend the McCorkle's plant sale last month and her garden was looking oh so good. I was quite astonished. You see, even though I had never visited Skeeter during prime gardening season I could see the 'bones' of her garden even during the winter. Over the years those bones have grown phenomenally to the point that her garden was looking as good as the Atlanta Botanical Gardens-though on a smaller scale of course.
Today and Friday you will get an up close and personal view of my wonderful co-blogger's garden in Georgia. The opening photo shows a long view of a few of the gardens. The picture above shows some stunning color in the form of coleus amidst a garden bed.
How about some whimsy? These lovely stone birds require no feeding from Skeeter or the Saint-as a bonus they don't eat the plants either.
A beautiful Boston fern set amidst a serene setting near a birdbath makes for a welcoming sight in the garden.
A long shot of all the pieces put together.

Finally, on this post I believe this to be Confederate Jasmine-Skeeter? You may recall Skeeter has posted on it numerous times. Please correct me if I am wrong Skeeter as I did not catch this pretty's name. It was most lovely and not a plant I am familiar with at all. 

Come back Friday for some more peeks into Skeeter's beautiful and large garden. I had such a good time in her garden and could really see her vision-it is quite the vision too....

in the garden....

Words and Photos Property of In the Garden Blog Team, In the Garden